Wild Guide

Book Description

  • A fascinating introduction to the biology, life cycle, and behavior of owls
  • Illustrated with gorgeous watercolor paintings and full-color photography
  • Features an identification guide to all North American species

    Owls have always occupied a special place in the popular imagination, regarded throughout history as both harbingers of doom and symbols of wisdom. In this newest title in Stackpole's Wild Guide series, author Cynthia Berger explores the lives of these mysterious creatures, including their fearsome hunting abilities, their surprisingly tender courtship rituals, and, of course, their haunting vocalizations. Also included is an identification guide covering the full range of North American species-from the tiny Elf Owl to the imposing Great Gray Owl-as well as tips for observing owls in the wild. There are even instructions for building your own nest box to attract these remarkable birds to your backyard.

  • About Berger, Cynthia

    The work of nature writer Cynthia Berger has appeared in magazines such as National Wildlife, Sports Afield, and Birder's World. A writer for the radio programs "Earth and Sky" and "The Ocean Report," she is also the author of several books. She lives in State College, Pennsylvania.