Birds and Birding at Cape May

What to See and When and Where to Go

Book Description

  • First-ever birding guide to this celebrated site
  • Insider advice on 33 popular places and lesser-known hot spots
  • Describes birding opportunities any time of the year

    Geography, topography, weather patterns, and unique natural features make Cape May, New Jersey, one of the most important birding sites in North America. Throughout the year thousands of birders travel to Cape May from around the country--and across the ocean--to witness the arrival of tens of thousands of raptors, songbirds, shorebirds, and seabirds. In this guide, Cape May birders can find out exactly when and where in the region to go, what birds they're likely to see, why the birds are there, and what factors could affect the birds' behavior. Filled with the authors' photos, this book offers insider information that will help any birder make the most of a visit. It features a complete Cape May bird list and a description of the region's history complemented by images that show how Cape May has changed over the years, and how it has stayed the same.

  • About Sutton, Clay

    Clay and Pat Sutton are veteran naturalists and longtime residents of Cape May County. Clay is the coauthor, with David Sibley and Pete Dunne, of Hawks in Flight (0-395-51022-8). Together, they've written How to Spot an Owl (0-618-01220-6) and How to Spot Hawks & Eagles (1-576-30000-5).