Spinner Fishing For Trout

A Proven System of Tackle, Techniques, and Strategies for Catching Trout

Book Description

  • The how-to book on fishing for trout with spinners
  • How to find and take trout in all four seasons and all weather conditions
  • What to look for and how much to spend on rods, reels, spinners, and line

    Learn how to cast, retrieve, and how to strike, play, and land trout on spinning equipment. The excitement comes across as Deitrich describes "watching any fish follow the spinner from the deep water of his hole, twenty-five feet away, all the way to your feet, where he takes the spinner just before it leaves the water."

  • About Deitrich, Jeff

    Jeff Deitrich lives in State College, Pennsylvania, and has also written Our Paradise (1403316929) and The Penn State Experience (0-324-01831-2).