WG: Dragonflies

Book Description

  • First title in Stackpole Books' new Wild Guide series
  • A complete, expert introduction to the world of dragonflies and also covers damselflies
  • Detailed color drawings of different species and behaviors

    Dazzling in appearance, idiosyncratic in behavior, dragonflies and damselflies have long captured the imaginations of nature lovers. In this illustrated natural history guide, Cynthia Berger takes the reader on a whirlwind trip through the lives of these intriguing insects, from their birth underwater (where they actually spend most of their lives as ferocious nymphs) to their miraculous transformation into free-flying adults. Features a field guide to the most common North American species--including life-size silhouettes for easy identification--as well as tips for observing dragonflies in the wild and attracting them to your backyard.

  • About Berger, Cynthia