Know Your Bird Sounds

Songs and Calls of Yard, Garden and City Birds

Book Description

  • Each book includes an hour-long CD with sounds for 35+ species
  • How to identify species by ear with text that provides helpful mnemonics for each sound plus when and how each call or song is used
  • Information on physical characteristics and life history of each species

    These superb collections of field recordings and descriptions offer unparalleled access to the sounds and calls of numerous popular and less well known birds and amphibians. Each book and CD provides an introduction to the sound repertoire of species living in eastern and central North America--a variety of calls from each species are included, along with an in-depth description and explanation of their significance. In addition to color photographs of the most common species, the text offers a fascinating look at the science of avian and amphibian calls, making these guides indispensable aids for the outdoor enthusiast.

    Birds covered in this volume: American Robin - Northern Cardinal - Baltimore Oriole - Tufted Titmouse - Black-capped Chickadee - Carolina Chickadee - White-breasted Nuthatch - House Wren - Carolina Wren - Cedar Waxwing - Brown Thrasher - Northern Mockingbird - Blue Jay - American Crow - Chimney Swift - Rock Dove - Mourning Dove - Eastern Screech-Owl - Ruby-throated Hummingbird - Red-bellied Woodpecker - Red-headed Woodpecker - Northern Flicker - Eastern Phoebe - Purple Martin - European Starling - Warbling Vireo - Song Sparrow - Chipping Sparrow - Brown-headed Cowbird - Common Grackle - House Sparrow - House Finch - Purple Finch

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