Wild Bird Guide: Red-Tailed Hawk


Book Description

  • "Irresistible to bird-watchers and nature lovers." --Booklist
  • "Anyone who is interested in going beyond compilation of life lists will appreciate the details." --Scott M. Ramsay, Ibis

    The Red-tailed Hawk is one of America's most familiar and best-loved birds of prey. Its watchful presence, effortless flight, and piercing cry make it a conspicuous resident of eastern forests, southern wetlands, western deserts, and northern mountains. This latest addition to the Wild Bird Guides series describes in detail how the red-tail soars, swoops, and seizes its prey; how it communicates and defends it territory; how it nests and raises its young; and how it copes with the environmental dangers that threaten its existence-all illustrated with brilliant full-color images from the country's top wildlife photographers.

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