Making Marble-Action Games, Gadgets, Mazes & Contraptions

Designs for 10 Outlandish, Ingenious and Intricate Woodworking Projects

Book Description

  • Easy-to-follow text
  • Helpful photographs In the spirit of zany contraptions, pinball, and bubble-gum machines, Alan and Gill Bridgewater present ten wildly complex marble-action woodworking projects that are as entertaining to make as they are to play with. Contraptions such as the Marble Deceleration Honeycomb Maze, Perpetual Random Number Shuffler, and Marble Rotator Finger-Touch Tumbler Labyrinth can each be constructed easily in a weekend, but in finished form will baffle those who dare to dally with them. Step-by-step instructions with accompanying photos and detailed plans make construction easy. Metric conversions included.

  • About Bridgewater, Alan