Birds of Field & Shore

Grassland and Shoreline Birds of Eastern North America

Book Description

  • "This is one of the most invaluable bird guides to be published in quite some time." --Booklist
  • "Presented in a readable, easy to follow narrative . . . a well-researched look at the birds and their lives." --Eirik Blom, Bird Watcher's Digest

    Birds of Field and Shore describes how 42 common grassland and shoreline birds nest, mate, and rear their broods in spring; how they feed in summer; whether, how, and where they migrate in fall; and how they survive in winter. This seasonal approach, together with an emphasis on ecological niches, distinguishes Eastman's books from other field guides. Precise illustration complements informative text, making Birds of Field and Shore an appealing and educational guide for birders of any skill level. Entries are arranged in taxonomic order based on DNA testing. Selected bibliography and index are included.

  • About Eastman, John

    John Eastman is the author of Wildflowers of the Eastern United States (978-0-8117-1367-2), as well as numerous other books and articles about the natural world.