The Eastern Front

The Germans and Soviets at War in World War II

Book Description

Stackpole’s Battle Briefings series offers accessible and insightful summaries of battles, commanders, and other military history topics. This volume covers the epic clash between the Germans and Soviets on the Eastern Front during World War II. Highlights include Operation Barbarossa, the massive battles at Stalingrad and Kursk, and the final, desperate resistance of the Germans as the Red Army closed in. Throughout are accounts from the turrets of T-34 and Tiger tanks and from the men who fought, often hand-to-hand, in the snow, mud, and dust of the Eastern Front.

About Edwards, Robert

Robert Edwards, a retired U.S. Army armor officer, has taught at West Point and is the author of Scouts Out (978-0-9117-1311-5), Tip of the Spear (978-0-81171571-3), and many others. He has also translated numerous books from German into English. He lives in Navarre, Florida.