Flame On

U.S. Incendiary Weapons, 1918-1945

Book Description

A concise history of the development and use of incendiary weapons--flamethrowers, incendiary bombs, napalm, and more--by the American military in the twentieth century, with a focus on World War II.

  • Describes how the U.S. created its incendiary weapons program virtually from scratch during World War II
  • Pivotal episodes include Omaha Beach on D-Day and the skilled performance of an armored flamethrower battalion in the Pacific
  • Also covers the history of incendiaries from ancient times to World War II and through Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm

  • About Mountcastle, John W.

    Brig. Gen. John Mountcastle, USA (Ret.), was the U.S. Army's chief of military history from 1994 to 1998. A graduate of the Virginia Military Institute and Duke University and a veteran of Vietnam, he also taught at West Point. He lives near Richmond, Virginia.