Sumter After the First Shots

The Untold Story of America's Most Famous Fort until the End of the Civil War

Book Description

Everyone knows the story of how the Civil War began at Fort Sumter, but what happened to the fort after the first shots were fired there? The North wanted to restore Sumter to its rightful place in the Union and close the vital Confederate supply port of Charleston while the South needed to defend its birthplace and keep the supplies flowing--thus making Fort Sumter one of the most fervently attacked and most tenaciously defended pieces of real estate in the United or Confederate States of America throughout four years of war.

  • Recounts the bombardments, naval battles, and amphibious attacks waged for possession of Fort Sumter, Charleston, and its harbor
  • Focuses on the human element, from squabbling Confederate and Union commanders to the common soldiers inside the fort and the men and women of Charleston
  • Features notable figures such as Robert E. Lee and P. G. T. Beauregard; the 54th Massachusetts, the black regiment made famous by the movie Glory; and the Confederate submarine Hunley

  • About Smith, Derek,

    Derek Smith is a journalist and the author of several Civil War books, including The Gallant Dead and In the Lion’s Mouth. A native of Bishopville, South Carolina, he lives in Williamsville, New York.