Soy Candles

How to Make Good-for-the-Earth, Long-Lasting Candles

Book Description

Everything you need to know to make eco-friendly, long-lasting, and beautiful soy candles.

  • Step-by-step instructions show you every stage of the process: safely melting soybean wax flakes, selecting containers, preparing wicks, adding scent and color, and storing finished candles.
  • Includes design and display ideas for a dozen candles for everyday and every season plus gifts and décor for holidays and special occasions
  • Soy candles are produced from sustainable agricultural products and have a low burning point, which makes them last longer and burn cleaner than traditional wax candles

  • About Short, Glenda

    Glenda Short is the owner of the soy wax candle business Cool Candles. She lives in Australia.