Dragonflies: Q&A Guide

Fascinating Facts About Their Life in the Wild

Book Description

Got a question about dragonflies? This book has answers. Dragonflies: A Q & A Guide is a lively, illustrated guide for anyone looking to learn more about dragonflies and their lives in the wild.

  • Easy-to-read format for readers looking to dip in or read straight through
  • Hundreds of questions posed and answered about the dragonfly's anatomy, history, and life cycle
  • Dozens of stunning color photos of dragonflies in their habitats
  • Special sections on record-breaking dragonflies and the relationship between dragonflies and humans

  • About Cooper, Ann

    Ann Cooper is the author of a series of nature books for children with the Denver Museum of Natural History and Science. A member of the Dragonfly Society of the Americas, she conducts dragonfly and damselfly workshops at a variety of venues. She lives in Boulder, Colorado.