Vietnam War Helicopter Art

U.S. Army Rotor Aircraft

Book Description

  • Hundreds of unique color photos showing how soldiers decorated their helicopters during the Vietnam War
  • Elaborate, colorful, and often comical nose art inspired by Sixties and Seventies pop culture, music, cartoons and comics, psychedelia, and politics, as well as sex and booze
  • Features Hueys, Chinooks, and more
  • Artwork captures a slice of the Vietnam experience
  • Will appeal to Vietnam veterans, modelers, and history buffs
  • About Brennan, John

    John Brennan, a Vietnam veteran of the 114th Assault Helicopter Company, is also the author of U.S. Army Helicopter Names in Vietnam. He lives in Chico, California.

    Chris Evans holds a master's degree in military history and conducts World War I and II battlefield tours in Europe. He lives in New York City.