Fighting Today's Wars

How America's Leaders Have Failed Our Warriors

Book Description

One of the most important books to emerge from a decade of wars. Read it. Then send a copy to your member of Congress. --Ralph Peters, Fox News Strategic Analyst and author of Lines of Fire

  • Gives thorough background on the law of war and analysis on how these laws should be applied
  • A critical commentary of our military's strategy, including nation-building efforts and counterinsurgency operations
  • How misinterpretations of law and policy misdirect the military from the objective of achieving victory
  • Identifies correctable problems in how America decides to go to war and prepares for battle
  • Gives solutions for restoring the role of America's Armed Forces
  • About Bolgiano, David G.

    A former law enforcement officer and paratrooper, David "Bo" Bolgiano served multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne Division and Special Operations Forces. He is the author of Combat Self-Defense: Saving America's Warriors from Risk-Averse Commanders and Their Lawyers (978-0-9791824-0-2). He lives in Delaware. Colonel Jim Patterson has over 32 years of experience as a Green Beret and legal advisor. A Special Forces Weapons Specialist, Combat Diver and Master Parachutist, Jim has served in multiple combat rotations and provided direct operational law support of special mission units. He lives in Illinois.