The Luftwaffe's Last Hope

Book Description

  • Definitive account of the last great Luftwaffe attack of World War II
  • Gripping stories of Fw 190s and Bf 109s in combat
  • Contains hundreds of eyewitness accounts and rare photos

    In the early morning of January 1, 1945, as the Battle of the Bulge smoldered to an end, the German Luftwaffe--assumed to be starved of fuel and fighting spirit--launched a massive, surprise, low-level strike on Allied airfields throughout France, Belgium, and Holland, an operation code-named Bodenplatte. More than 900 German aircraft took to the skies and attacked the vulnerable fields, destroying 200 Allied aircraft and damaging 150 more. In a pyrrhic victory, the Luftwaffe lost 271 fighters, with many more damaged, and 213 pilots--irreplaceable losses at this stage of the war.

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    John Manrho lives in England.