The Battle in France

Book Description

  • Firsthand accounts and contextual narrative chronicling the war in Europe after D-Day
  • Sidebars on glider operations, rear-area activities, hedgerow country, and more
  • Based on interviews with more than 200 veterans

    The final installment of this trilogy details the U.S. Army's battles in France following the D-Day landings on June 6, 1944. After establishing beachheads at Omaha and Utah Beaches, American troops slogged inland for almost two months, battling through Normandy hedgerow by hedgerow before breaking out in Operation Cobra. Several weeks later, an Allied force that included American GIs invaded southern France and began the hard fight northward. Weaving together veterans' testimonies, the Kaufmanns capture the complete experience of the individual soldier during the brutal summer of 1944.

  • About Kaufmann, J. E.

    J. E. Kaufmann is a freelance researcher. He has published several books on fortifications and is the founder of Site O, an international group devoted to the study of fortifications. He lives in Texas. H. W. Kaufmann is an instructor at San Antonio College. He lives in Texas.