Fighting Men of World War II

Axis Forces - Uniforms, Equipment, and Weapons

Book Description

  • Designed to be the standard reference on Axis soldiers in World War II
  • Covers troops from Germany, Italy, and Japan
  • Original photos from museums and private collections as well as specially taken color photos of uniforms and equipment

    This first volume of Fighting Men of World War II offers a comprehensive, full-color look at the clothing (such as boots, pants, helmet, tunic, greatcoat, camouflage, and badges), equipment, weapons, vehicles, and rations of Axis soldiers. Also included are popular items, such as lighters, that were carried by many troops but were not standard issue. The accompanying text describes the items and also compares them to those of other armies. The result is a complete picture of the daily life and conditions of the fighting men of all countries. It is an essential reference work for all military historians, collectors, and general readers. A second volume covering the Allies will be published in Fall 2008.

  • About Miller, David

    David Miller is a former officer in the British armed forces who served in the Falklands, Germany, the Netherlands, Malaysia, and Singapore. He has also worked for Jane's Information Group, where he edited Jane's Major Warships 1997. He lives in England.