Trout Whisperers

A Novel

Book Description

  • An amusing fly-fishing novel from New York Times outdoor columnist Pete Bodo

    The Trout Whisperers chronicles the misadventures of two eccentric fly fishermen, Louis Traub and Raul Mendoza, on the twenty-fifth anniversary of their annual six-week fishing and camping trip in Montana--a jaunt during which the characters' unconventional interpretation of outdoor experience, combined with their quixotic search for a mythic, unspoiled trout stream, adds up to a deliciously zany romp echoing Lewis and Clark's historic journey through the Missouri River country.

    As the book opens, the trout whisperers are about to take a full-day float trip on the Beaverhead River, with a long-time friend and fellow fly-fishing nut, Bowen Kiick. But when Kiick bails out at the last moment, Louis and Raul decide to go on the float anyway. After a number of entertaining twists and turns, they fall into an unexpected acquaintance with high-strung yoga instructor Lottie Moffo and her flatulent Jack Russell terrier. Lottie's impact on the anglers is explosive; it threatens their relationship but also leads them to the brink of discovering the mythic Little Gooseneck Creek--and ultimately, right into the crosshairs of the law.

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