Custom Gunstock Carving


Book Description

  • Paperback reprint of the popular guide to carving gunstocks
  • Complete coverage of all tools and equipment with detailed explanations of all techniques, illustrated with precise line drawings
  • Extensive gallery of ready-to-use patterns Back by popular demand ten years after the publication of the original hardcover, this paperback edition of Custom Gunstock Carving gives in-depth instruction on the cutting and carving techniques that make up the gunstock carver's art--from preparing proper working conditions to selecting a pattern to the cutting itself. Author Phillip R. Eck also discusses using different types of wood, preparing the surface for carving, and locating design sources. Featuring an impressive selection of full-scale patterns, this book is essential for any shooter looking to add a personal touch to his or her weapon.

  • About Eck, Phillip R.

    Phillip R. Eck is a self-taught artist who has been carving gunstocks for more than thirty-five years. A past director of the Maryland Rifle and Pistol Association, he lives in Baltimore.