City Birding

True Tales of Birds and Birdwatching in Unexpected Places

Book Description

Stories by: Kenn Kaufman, Clay Sutton, Marie Winn, Ann Zwinger, Paul A. Johnsgard, Kim Todd, John Nichols, Judith A. Toups, Mark S. Garland, Paul Kerlinger, Julie Zickefoose, Lawrence Kilham, Curtis Badger, Nikki Weinstein, James Gorman, Michael Harwood, Mary Durant

The waterways of New York-New Jersey, the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel-Bridge, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the French Quarter of New Orleans--all unlikely spots for birdwatching. For the careful observer, however, these urban locations and others like them can be settings for memorable birding experiences. In this unique book, some of the country's best-known birders observe birds in places where thriving bird life comes as a surprise.

Funny, informative, and thought-provoking, the true stories collected here demonstrate the amazing adaptability of birds, which sometimes seem to thrive in almost any setting humans create: city parks, busy marinas, cemeteries, sewage lagoons. They also illustrate the vulnerability of the natural world in an increasingly man-made environment, and show how the excitement of birdwatching can exist in the most unexpected places.

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