The 1863 US Infantry Tactics

Infantry of the Line, Light Infantry, and Riflemen

Book Description

  • The authorized book for the instruction, exercise, and maneuver of U.S. Infantry during the Civil War
  • Includes articles of war, an extensive dictionary of Civil War military terms, and sheet music for military bugle calls
  • A must-have book for historians, researchers, reenactors, and writers

    Written in 1861 at the direction of the War Department and copiously illustrated, this was the book used to train, lead, and maneuver U.S. Infantry units on Civil War battlefields. It contains the school of the soldier, the company, and battalion or fielded regiment, along with all-important instructions for skirmishers. Over 15 pages of field music, the articles of war in use at the time, and a dictionary of Civil War military terminology completes this extensive work.

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