More Frontier Justice in the Wild West

Bungled, Bizarre, and Fascinating Executions

Book Description

More Frontier Justice in the Wild West; Bungled, Bizarre and Fascinating Executions reveals the details of more than two dozen instances of frontier justice from the era of the Wild West. These stories of how society dealt with the bad guys—and how the good guys walked a fine line between justice and vigilantism—reveals some surprising truths about the culture of the Wild West. The events chosen are unique, have some surprising twist, serve as a landmark or benchmark event, or just stand out in the annals of western justice.

About Wilson, R. Michael

 R. Michael Wilson, a former law enforcement officer, has been researching and writing about the Old West for fifteen years. He is the author of Great Train Robberies of the Old West, Great Stagecoach Robberies of the Old West, Frontier Justice, and numerous other titles.