What a Trout Sees

A Fly-Fishing Guide to Life Underwater

Book Description

Do trout sleep? And if so, when? And how does that affect their feeding patterns? Does a rising or falling barometer affect feeding habits? How does refraction influence a fish’s approach to a surface fly, human shadow, or false cast? How much do fish need to eat, under what conditions will they grow the largest?
For the first time, an accessible, well-written title shows us what the world is like under the water, from the fish’s perspective. Geoff Mueller, acclaimed senior editor with The Drake magazine, travels throughout some of the best trout habitat in America, talking with the experts and donning swim fins and mask to meet trout on their own turf. With What a Trout Sees, curious anglers interested in taking their skill levels up a notch or two will finally have all the information they need.

About Mueller, Geoff

Former Managing Editor of Fly Fisherman Magazine (circulation, 120,000 plus), Geoff Mueller is currently senior editor at The Drake Magazine. With 63 percent of its readers younger than 45, The Drake has obtained a dedicated following of passionate anglers. Mueller is also a contributing editor at Angling Trade Magazine, delivering research-based editorial on everything from industry scuttlebutt to the state of print media. In his career, he’s fished in places such as the Arctic, Cuba, Mexico, the Bahamas, and more. He’s also been recently featured in advertising campaigns from companies such as Cloudveil and Orvis, and through his connections maintains ties with industry leaders throughout the sport. Today, Mueller spends most of his on-the-water time chasing and studying trout in his Colorado and Wyoming backyards.