Quick & Clean Diet

Lose The Weight, Feel Great, And Stay Lean For Life

Book Description

          By applying the principles of clean eating to a realistic lifestyle, top journalist and working mom Dari Alexander shows how you can achieve your best body and keep that promise to yourself: to finally look like that gorgeous person you know exists. Changing your mindset and consuming foods closest to their natural state will change the way you feel every day—this back-to-basics, no-nonsense, weight loss and maintenance program will not only make you thinner, it will also increase your energy. Most importantly, it promotes life-long good health. 
           The Quick & Clean Diet is all about whole grains, lean proteins, and good fats. It shuns pre-packaged, heavily processed, refined, and fast foods. It’s not about eating only low-carb, nor about going fat free. It’s about good fats. Expect to eat plenty of chicken, turkey, and fish. You will also get an endless choice of vegetables, and a plethora of spices. Your food will never taste boring, nor will you feel deprived; in fact, expect to eat a lot.

            Three levels form the basis of the diet—for each of which the book provides delicious recipes. The High Motivation segment is the rapid weight loss phase, a time designed to whip you into shape, kill your cravings, and shrink your stomach. Within about three days, you will feel unstoppable. The Grounding segment is where you continue to lose weight while reintroducing a wider variety of foods. And finally the Stability segment will become your roadmap for eating well for the rest of your life.

About Alexander, Dari

An award-winning journalist who has worked in many markets as a local television anchor and reporter, Dari Alexander is currently the main anchor for Fox 5 News in New York City, with an average of three million viewers each night. A reporter for Fox News for ten years, she has also anchored Fox & Friends and Fox News Live hours. Alexander also trained chef as a chef in New York and Paris, where she learned how to create recipes that are both delicious and healthy. She currently lives in New York City with her husband and two children.
           A lifelong fad dieter, Alexander finally turned her considerable journalist skills to investigating the enormous benefits of a better diet. That’s when she designed this clean eating diet that worked for her, works for others, and will work for you.

"As a busy TV news anchor and mother of young children, Dari Alexander has discovered her perfect plan for healthy eating. In The Quick & Clean Diet she encourages you to achieve success in attaining a healthy, fit body as well as a joyful life." -- Deepak Chopra, coauthor with Rudolph Tanzi, PhD, of Super Brain

"I am in love with The Quick & Clean Diet. The information and tips Dari Alexander provides are an important foundation for long-term health and wellness. It’s a visually beautiful, easy read for everyone who cares about their health." --Kim Barnouin, coauthor of Skinny Bitch

"There are thousands of diet books out there, but Dari Alexander’s Quick & Clean Diet hits the bullseye when it comes to balancing healthy weight loss with flavorful and satisfying meals.”  --Dr. Manny Alvarez, senior managing health editor, Fox News