Carter's Way

A No-Nonsense Method for Designing Your Own Super Stylish Home

Book Description

Carter Oosterhouse knows how real people live and how intimidating home design can be. With his reassuring, “you can do it” attitude, he goes out of his way to show readers how to create realistic design elements that they can implement with basic tools and a little DIY experience. His mission is to bring people’s imaginations to life. The design features he constructs use materials easily found, are budget-conscious, and whenever possible environmentally friendly. In Carter’s Way, he decodes the time-tested principles of design, using specific examples and stunning photos to visually illustrate his points.

Each chapter will cover a different area of the house, acknowledging the diversity of layouts in today’s homes. For example, one chapter will focus on spaces for cooking, eating, and socializing to appeal both to people with a formal dining area and those with more open floor plans, with a design that is about comfort, entertaining, and practicality. Other chapters include: intimate bedroom spaces featuring beautiful and efficient storage for a sensual environment that becomes a sanctuary; living/family rooms with the kind of versatility that allows them to convert from game-playing rumpus rooms to elegant cocktail party spaces; luxurious bathrooms that provide a spa-like getaway from stress while also conserving energy and water; home offices/entryways/laundry rooms; and outdoor spaces that can serve as two- or three-season rooms for entertaining and relaxing.



I’m writing this book because of all the people who come up to me at events, or write me, saying things like, “I wish I could make my kitchen look like the one on your last show,” or, “If only I could have you work on my living room!” You don’t need me in person. You don’t need anybody else. You need my perspective and my method. My method is what I call “Carter’s Way.” It’s a process that has worked for me in dozens of different rooms and homes. Now I want it to work for you!


About Oosterhouse, Carter

Carter Oosterhouse started out as a model and actor, keeping bread on the table with his carpentry work, including behind-the-scenes work for home improvement shows on The Learning Channel. In 2003, he landed a part as a cast member of TLC's series Trading Spaces. In 2007, he was offered the chance to host his own show, Carter Can, on HGTV. Based on the success of that show, he was tapped in 2008 to co-host Red, Hot & Green with Nicole Facciuto. He has also been a contributor to the Today Show as “America's Handyman,” and he regularly appears on The Rachael Ray Show, The Tyra Banks Show, and other programs, as both a home improvement expert, and an authority on green home design, materials, and practices. He's been featured in a number of magazines, including being named People magazine's “sexiest man on television” and included on their list of “sexiest men alive.” He is also the face of Nautica's Voyage fragrance for men. He's very involved in charitable work for children's causes, including projects with New York's Books for Kids Foundation, COACH (Community Outreach Assistance for Children's Health), Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. In 2008, he started Carter's Kids, a foundation dedicated to building safe and fun playgrounds in disadvantaged neighborhoods throughout the county. He has his own Web site Web sites for his shows on HGTV's Web site, a Facebook account, and a Twitter page.

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