What Makes You Grateful?

Voices From Around The World

Book Description

What began as a personal pick-me-up quickly became a feel-good phenomenon, tapping into the power of gratitude. In October 2011, Kubitsky began asking, "What makes you grateful?" and invited people to write or draw a glimmer of gladness on a postcard and mail it back to her. Placing blank invitation cards in public places like college cafeterias, post offices, parks, community centers, libraries, and cafes, she attempted to engage the community at large. Since then, she has received thousands of responses from all over the globe. In this beautiful book, Kubitsky shares a selection of submissions, including stunning artwork, heartbreaking stories, and sincere expressions of gratitude. From cupcakes to lightning strikes, this feel-good book gives voice to gratitude and the simple pleasures that make life great. If you like PostSecret, The Book of Awesome, or Chicken Soup for the Soul, start smiling. This book is all three wrapped into one! 

About Kubitsky, Anne

Anne O. Kubitsky (or AOK), is an artist and writer with a background in Biology and Philosophy. On a whim in October 2011, Anne asked her community to write or draw a 'glimmer of gladness' on a postcard and mail it back to her--the project has since received responses from all over the world and grown into a traveling exhibit, a public art trail, a vibrant blog, and this inspirational book.  lookforthegoodproject.org