Hope Amid Hardship

Pioneer Voices From Kansas Territory

Book Description

Why did they stay?  Despite the challenges of loneliness, drought, and political turmoil Kansas pioneers faced, many found and wrote about joy and beauty in their adopted communities.   Letters and diaries describe the times that gave them reason to sing, dance, and celebrate – moments when their burdens were lighter.  This volume brings together reflections of 50 individuals of different ages, backgrounds, and outlooks who helped shape the identity of the Sunflower State.

About Johnston, Linda

Linda Johnston began reading pioneer diaries in 1986 and never stopped. Though her own emigration to Kansas came 140 years after the accounts included in this book, she understood the apprehension of leaving home and friends for an unfamiliar place. Extensive archival research enabled her to present these writings in their historical context and to bring them into conversation with one another. Her background as an artist and naturalist gives a unique perspective on these 60 remarkable individuals who wrote of their hope amid hardship and challenges.