An Intimate Portrait of Love, Loss, and Unlikely Friendship

Book Description

Griefland. It’s a place no one wants to visit—a place without borders where language is inadequate and pain is constant. It’s a place where every morning one awakens to the stark reality that a loved one will never be seen, heard—or embraced—again. This is a place that Armen Bacon and Nancy Miller know all too well, for when they met, both of them had lost a child—a son, Alex, and a daughter, Rachel.

Griefland provides an intimate portrait of what tragedy does to the human soul, how it changes one’s life, and most important, how it can be survived. With achingly beautiful language, this book explores the acute moment-to-moment experience of grief. But it also transcends that and speaks to the redemptive power of friendship, trust, intimacy, and love. Together they discover a will and desire to move forward, recognizing that life is the ultimate prize for those who survive this excruciating journey.

About Bacon, Armen

Armen Bacon is a regular contributor to The Fresno Bee and has a daily radio feature titled Live, Laugh, Love. For two decades she has served as a media spokeswoman for education. 

Nancy Miller has been an English and composition instructor at the university and junior college levels for more than seventeen years.