Art of Hackamore Training

A Time-Honored Step In The Bridle-Horse Tradition

Book Description

To understand the hackamore and its use is to understand its history, origin and development, as well as the equipment itself, including the bosal, mecate, fiador and such. From groundwork to key points under saddle, the authors provide drills to improve such skills as “connecting the horse’s face to his feet,” turnarounds, stops and fencing, as well as how to use these skills in handling cattle. A final chapter addresses the quarto riendas, or four-rein, which uses both snaffle and hackamore, and dos riendas, or two-rein, the finishing touch from hackamore to full bridle horse.

About Dunning, Al

Benny Guitron is the fifth of Felix Guitron Sr.’s six children. Young Guitron, inspired as a youth by the great horsemen of his day—Jimmy Williams, Harold Farren, Red Neal, Don Dodge and perhaps most significantly, vaquero trainer, Tony Amaral Sr.—became fired by a dream. Determined to achieve his dream, Guitron set out to be like those horsemen and to train horses in ways honorable to tradition.

Al Dunning is credited with 32 world-championship and reserve-championship titles. The knowledge and passion he shares in his clinics, videos, and lessons have molded not only average students, but also some of today's most successful professional horse trainers.

Dunning’s ability to reach people comes from his love of horses and out of respect to the mentors in his own life.