Insubordinate Spirit

A True Story Of Life And Loss In Earliest America 1610-1665

Book Description

Insubordinate Spirit is a unique exploration into the life of Elizabeth Winthrop and other seventeenth-century English Puritans who emigrated to the rough, virtually untouched wilderness of present-day New England. Excerpts from newly discovered personal diaries and correspondence provide readers with not only fascinating insights into the hardships, dangers, and losses inherent to English and Dutch settlers in the 1600s, but also first-hand descriptions of the local Native Americans' family life, allegiances, and society. Caught between the unendurable expectations of her Puritan relatives and land disputes with the neighboring Dutch, Elizabeth Winthrop demonstrated a tremendous strength of resolve to protect her own family and remain true to her heart.

About Wolfe, Missy

Missy Wolfe is a historian who has researched earliest Connecticut history for many years and lectures on it regionally. She holds an MBA from Columbia University and is a former advertising strategist and copywriter in New York. Her book, Insubordinate Spirit A True Story of Life and Loss in Earliest America, was awarded The Washington Irving Medal for Literary Excellence in 2014.