Field Guide to Now

Notes On Mindfulness And Life In The Present Tense

Book Description

About Rosalie, Christina

Christina Rosalie has been writing under the mentorship of Pam Houston since 2008. Her essays and short stories have won awards and been featured in print and online. Her blog, My Topography: The Shape Of Daily Life ( was the Best of Blogs “Best Creative Blog” winner in 2005, with a loyal and expanding audience of between 10,000 and 15,000 hits per day. A Field Guide To Now was successfully funded with more than $10,000 as a project on Kickstarter, and has a supportive following of backers who are awaiting their rewards in the form of chapter sneak peaks and postcards. Release of these will be timed to leverage the launch of the book.


She is savvy to and active in the wide community of social media, where she has been interviewed about this book project by Susannah Conway, Beth Nichols, Liz Lamoreux, and Rachelle Mee-Chapman. The project has also been featured on Crescendoh, Wishstudio, Gypsy Girls Guide, and Boho Girl. She is developing a Field Guide To Now e-course and workshop (to be taught online and at Squam Arts Workshops in New Hampshire after the book’s release), as well as an interactive Field Guide To Now website featuring a creative interview series and weekly reader contributions. She lives with her family in Vermont.