You Might Be a Cowgirl If . . .

A Guide To Life On The Range

Book Description

Jill Charlotte Stanford, author of the Cowgirl’s Cookbook and Wild Women and Tricky Ladies,  is a cowgirl. And she wants to be Dale Evans--a smile on her face, a song in her heart, and not a hair out of place as she races around the arena. Her new book, You Might Be a Cowgirl If...  is a lively celebration of what it means to be a cowgirl and how to achieve the cowgirl lifestyle whether you're at home on the range or a city girl.  It’s not all sequins and silver buckles—but following the way of Dale Evans and Rodeo Queens can help you achieve your own cowgirl style and release your inner cowgirl.  
With affectionate humor, Stanford identifies those traits that might already identify you as a cowgirl (you ask for a pony for Christmas every year and you're WAAAY older than twelve). She profiles great cowgirls of the past and present, offers the rules that Rodeo Queens live by, and gives you tips on Riding Herd (managing your money and your relationships), Minding Your Fences, Establishing Your Brand, and Knowing When to Gallop to the Rescue--life lessons that might be called the Cowgirl Way.

About Stanford, Jill Charlotte

Jill Charlotte Stanford's lifelong ambition has been to be a cowgirl--but not just any cowgirl. She aspires to be Dale Evans, not a hair out of place, makeup perfect, and song in her heart. And she aspires to be Fanny Sperry Steele, bronc riding champ of the early 20th century. She lives and writes in Sisters, Oregon.