Massachusetts: Mapping the Bay State through History

Rare and Unusual Maps from the Library of Congress

Book Description

These books, produced from the archives of the Library of Congress and edited by Vincent Virga, offer a glimpse into the history of the United States through rare historical full-color maps, narrative captions, and short essays. Combining 50 rare, beautiful, and diverse maps from the collections of the Library of Congress, a foreword by Vincent Virga about the Library of Congress collection and the Massachusetts maps, informative captions about the origins and contents of those maps, and essays on state history, this book is a collectible for cartography buffs and a celebration of Massachusetts for residents, former residents, and visitors.

About Virga, Vincent,

Vincent Virga has been called, "America's foremost picture editor." He is the coauthor of Eyes of the Nation and the author of Cartographia: Mapping Civilizations, produced in cooperation with the Library of Congress.

Daniel Spinella has an M.A. in American history and has studied photography and creative writing. He has been and editor and writer for over twenty years. His poems have been published widely in small press magazines. He lives in North Adams, Massachusetts, with two dogs, two cats and his partner, Frances. He is also the author of It Happened in Massachusetts, 2nd edition (GPP).