Outlaw Tales of Idaho

True Stories Of The Gem State's Most Infamous Crooks, Culprits, And Cutthroats

Book Description

 The frontier towns of Idaho were populated by some of the toughest and most dangerous characters in the West. Serial killer Lyda Lewis poisoned her unsuspecting husbands to cash in on their life insurance. The Eddy and Splawn families created counterfeit U.S. gold pieces. And "Diamondfield" Jack Davis, a notorious killer, even shot a child's dog. 

From Butch Cassidy to George Levy, Harry Orchard to Caleb Lyon, read about the most notorious desperados in the history of the Gem State. Through these astonishing true stories, Outlaw Tales of Idaho introduces you to a state you thought you know--and a West wilder than you even imagined. 

About Stapilus, Randy

 Randy Stapilus is an author, blogger, newsletter publisher, and former newspaper reporter and editor. He also wrote It Happened in Idaho, published by Globe Pequot Press. A longtime Idaho resident, he now lives in Carlton, Oregon, with his wife, Linda, a cat, and a varying number of dogs.