Myths and Mysteries of Missouri

True Stories of the Unsolved and Unexplained

Book Description

Myths and Mysteries of Missouri dispels any notion that the Show Me State is a boring place harboring little unknown. Thirteen diverse chapters, each a story unto itself, probe dark secrets, unexplained phenomena, legendary individuals and actual events which leave people incredulous to this day. Much in this well-researched book has been largely forgotten, but the author's lively and amusing style will awaken curiosity in lifelong residents and armchair visitors alike

About Young, Josh

Josh Young transited Missouri countless times before he ever thought he wanted to live in the Show Me State. A graduate of the University of New Hampshire and Indiana University, Josh taught kids from college to kindergarten before doing a stint as a family services caseworker. One year, when he should have known better, he shouldered a sixty-pound backpack, hitchhiking around the United States. That grand adventure introduced him to the Missouri/Arkansas Ozarks.
Settling on a little farm deep in the woods near Branson (with Johnny and June Cash for neighbors briefly), Josh continued social work, while garnering a few awards for a locally syndicated humor column. He currently works and plays at his home at Long Creek Herb Farm. He is still trying to decide what to do when he grows up.