It Happened on the Oregon Trail


Book Description

Many of the events that took place along the Oregon Trail are well known--the perils the Applegate family faced as they rafted down the raging Columbia River, the plight of the Donner Party as they found themselves snowbound and starving at Truckee Lake. But do you know the whole story?

It Happened on the Oregon Trail r
eveals the stories of these well-known events as well as many lesser-known happenings, providing insights about the adventurous emigrants who, beginning in the 1840s, headed west in covered wagons in search of a better life. The hardships and the joys of the 2000-mile journey across plains, mountains, and deserts come alive in this entertaining and informative book.

About Wagner, Tricia Martineau

Tricia Martineau Wagner is the author of Black Cowboys of the Old West, African American Women of the Old West, It Happened on the Underground Railroad, and It Happened on the Oregon Trail (all TwoDot) and an experienced elementary school teacher, reading specialist, and author. She became intrigued with the westward migration of the pioneers when she flew over the Oregon Trail. She lives in Denver, North Carolina.