Sourtoe Cocktail Club

The Yukon Odyssey Of A Father And Son In Search Of A Mummified Human Toe ... And Everything Else

Book Description

A father-and-son love story set against epic backdrops and overlooked places


After Ron Franscell’s divorce, he feared he was the continuing link in a long chain of estranged fathers. But when the author and his teenage son embark on a road trip to the Yukon to seek out a macabre cocktail containing an amputated human toe, they unwittingly begin a journey into their own past, present and future. The Sourtoe Cocktail Club is a true-life love story about fathers and sons, set against epic backdrops and overlooked places. It is also a road book that attempts to answer, for one father and son, a pivotal life question: Where does the road go?

About Franscell, Ron

Ron Franscell is a rising true-crime figure, a seasoned traveler and a Texan. Ron has ridden the wide range between journalism, fiction and nonfiction with extraordinary success. Ron's third book, an intimate nonfiction originally entitled Fall: The Rape and Murder of Innocence in a Small Town, was published in January 2007 and reissued in paperback in 2008 as The Darkest Night, established him as one of the most provocative new voices in narrative nonfiction.