Hank Wiescamp Story

The Authorized Biography Of The Legendary Colorado Horseman

Book Description

The authorized biography of one of histories most colorful and storied breeders. Responsible for the Skipper W line of Quarter Horses, Wiescamp single-handedly created one of the most recognizable and enduring families of horses in modern breeding history. Filled with amazing photographs of Wiescamp's horses, this leather-bound edition is a must have for any serious AQHA breeder.

About Holmes, Frank

Frank Holmes has been penning horse-related feature articles and historical books for more than 35 years. His interests have always been centered on the historical aspects of the western horse breeds, and his broad-based knowledge of the origins of the Quarter Horse, Paint, Appaloosa and Palomino registries have established him as one of the pre-eminent equine historians of all time.
As a former staff writer for Western Horseman magazine, Frank co-authored volumes 2 through 5 of the immensely popular Legends book series.