Big Juice

Epic Tales Of Big Wave Surfing

Book Description

The best and newest big-wave surfing stories from the sport’s insiders

More than a decade ago, John Long published his now classic The Big Drop, an unprecedented look at the larger-than-life frontier of big wave surfing. Since then, the sport has exploded in popularity. The big wave bar keeps rising as extreme surfers continue to seek out, surf, and survive a ride on the elusive 100-foot wave. The incredible stories of a new generation of thrill-seeking, death-defying surfers and stunning, full-color photography of monster waves fill the pages of this new collection by John Long and former surfing pro Sam George.
A powerful, contemporary look at the men and women who live and breathe for the next big wave and the bigger, more dangerous challenge, The Big Juice presents a rich history of characters, controversies, heroism, humor, and tragedy that define the sport.
With contributions from:
- Ben Marcus, author of The Surfing Handbook and The Art of Stand Up Paddling
- Chris Dixon, writer, Surfer magazine
- Kimball Taylor, writer, ESPN
- Bruce Jenkins, author of North Shore Chronicles; writer, Sports Illustrated
- Drew Kampion, former editor of Surfer, Surfing, Wind Surf, and Wind Tracks magazines; author of The Book of Waves: Form and Beauty on the Ocean
- James Hollmer-Cross, writer, Surfing magazine
. . . and big-wave surfers:
- Laird Hamilton
- Dave Kalama
- Evan Slater
- Shane Dorian
- Greg Noll
- and more

About Long, John

John Long’s award-winning short stories and books—ranging from literary fiction to instructional manuals—have sold more than two million copies. His book The Stonemasters won the grand prize at the Banff Film and Book Festival.


Sam George is one of the world’s top surfing authorities. A former professional competitor and editor of Surfer and Surfing magazines, he is the author of several books, including Surfing: A Way of Life, and he is an award-winning film writer and director.