Under One Roof Again

All Grown Up and (Re)learning to Live Together Happily

Book Description

In our challenging economy, family members are joining forces in record numbers—recent college grads (80% in 2009) return home, parents move in with their adult children, and adult children (and grandchildren) return to live with parents. Under One Roof Again (Lyons Press) squarely addresses the inevitable issues—from money matters to dating, from finding physical space to protecting emotional space—offering solid advice for avoiding pitfalls and building stronger family ties.

About Newman, Susan

Susan Newman, PhD, maintains a parenting blog for Psychology Today. Her thirteen nonfiction books include classics in the family/parenting field. She has appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America, 20/20, all the major network news shows, CNN, and hundreds of top radio shows including NPR's Talk of the Nation.