Trusting Your Inner Voice in Times of Crisis

Book Description

A powerful, practical guide to using intuition during stressful life transitions


Intuition has become widely recognized as a sixth sense that we all have. But just how do we routinely access this remarkable inner guide—especially in times of crisis? And how do we use it not only to survive but actually to thrive? Listen has the answers, and Lynn Robinson, M.Ed., delivers them with clarity and style.

Intuition, says Robinson, is vitally important, particularly when personal crises meet global, economic ones. It's our inner compass that points us in the direction of success—in love, finances, career choices, and everyday decisions. Written in the engaging style that has made her a popular speaker, this deep, wise, and spiritual book demystifies intuition and reveals the secrets of how to listen to one's inner voice and interpret intuitive signs such as feelings, symbols, words, dreams, and physical sensations. Ultimately, readers learn how to move safely through the inevitable crises of life, and steadily toward their hopes and dreams.


* Quizzes, tips, exercises, and journal questions that suggest creative soluitions to problems and help readers identify the ways intuition communicates with them

* Words of wisdom from people who have successfully used intuition in their lives

About Robinson, Lynn

Lynn A. Robinson, MEd, one of America's leading intuition experts, is the author of six books on the subject, including the best-selling Divine Intuition. She publishes the popular Intuition Newsletter and a blog, Gut Trusters, both accessible via her Web site,