Knack Soup Classics

Chowders, Gumbos, Bisques, Broths, Stocks, and Other Delicous Soups

Book Description

Knack Soup Classics focuses on familiar kinds of soups and introduces the reader to more exotic, delicious recipes--all classics. Combining instructions and recipes in an easy-to-read spread with full-color photos will help the reader easily build their skills with each recipe.

About Larsen, Linda

Linda Larsen is the author of KNACK GRILLING BASICS; KNACK QUICK AND EASY COOKING; KNACK GRILLING BASICS; KNACK SLOW COOKING; KNACK CHICKEN CLASSICS; and KNACK LOW-SALT COOKING. A cookbook author and Home Economist who has created and tested recipes for major food companies like Pillsbury and Malt-O-Meal since 1987. She is the Guide for Busy Cooks at (, providing cooking lessons, recipes, menu ideas, and information about food science and food safety.

She was a member of the Bake-Off Staff at Pillsbury, Manager of Search in 1992, and Manager of Internet Recipe Search in 2000. She developed original recipes, conducted tolerance tests, presented recipes to taste panels, styled food for photography, and conducted trend research. At Malt-O-Meal, Linda developed quick and easy recipes and held cooking demonstrations for health food fairs.

Linda has written articles for Woman's Day magazine,and has been interviewed on several radio programs, including the Ask Heloise nationally syndicated show. In summer 2007 she was a panelist for's Under One Roof event, meeting editors from magazines and publishing houses.

Linda holds a degree in Biology from St. Olaf College, and a degree with High Distinction in Food Science from the University of Minnesota.