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About Sieg, Caroline

Caroline Sieg's relationship with South Florida began when she moved there at age 2. She later lived in Switzerland, New York and London, with a few stops in Florida along the way including attending University in Sarasota and Miami. These days, this half-Swiss, half-American travel writer tools around Berlin, Germany on her much-loved Dutch bike and escapes for the warmers climes of Florida each winter.
Steve Winston has written or contributed to fourteen books. Steve is an adventurer and mountain-climber who's traveled widely all over the world, and his articles have appeared in major media in the U.S. and abroad. In pursuit of “The Story,” he's been shot at in Northern Ireland, been a cowboy in Arizona, jumped into an alligator pit in the Everglades, flown World War Two fighter planes in aerial “combat,” climbed glaciers in Alaska, explored ice caves in Switzerland, and trained with a rebel militia in the jungle. He is also the author of Insiders' Guide to Palm Beach County. He can be contacted at his Web site,