It Happened in Las Vegas

Remarkable Events that Shaped History

Book Description

A fascinating collection of thirty compelling stories about events that shaped Sin City, It Happened in Las Vegas describes everything from a nineteenth-century land deal that almost created two competing cities to the torrential rainstorm that flooded downtown Vegas with three inches of water.

About Papa, Paul W.

Paul Papa is a full-time writer who has lived in Las Vegas for 18 years (making him practically a native). He developed a fascination with the town, and all its wonders, while working for more than 15 years at several Las Vegas casinos. In his role as a security officer, Paul was the person who actually shut and locked the doors of the Sands Hotel and Casino for the final time. He eventually became a hotel investigator for a major strip casino, during which time he developed a love for writing true stories about uncommon events. He now owns a business that concentrates on non-fiction, technical, and commercial writing. When not at his keyboard, Paul can be found on the trails of bootleg canyon riding his mountain bike or on the waters of Lake Mead in his kayak.