Knack Dog Tricks

A Step-by-Step Guide to Teaching Your Pet to Sit, Catch, Fetch, & Impress

Book Description

Featuring 450 step-by-step, full-color photos, the book first establishes training basics, and then shows how to enhance core training sessions with classic tricks as well as advanced obedience games; agility training; jumping, retrieving, and digging tricks; flashy frisbee tricks—and useful tricks such as finding the remote, retrieving the newspaper, and cornering the cat.

About Macdonald, Carina

Carina MacDonald is the author of Knack Dog Care & Training and the award-winning Raw Dog Food: Make It Easy for You and Your Dog. She owns a pet-sitting business that caters primarily to dogs and she trains dogs in agility and obedience.
Stephen Gorman is a photographer and writer whose photo-essay books include Northeastern Wilds. His work has also appeared in Knack Dog Care & Training, Knack Car Camping, and Knack Canoeing for Everyone, and in such magazines as Outside and Audubon.
Eli Burakian is a freelance photographer whose work has appeared in Knack Dog Care & Training.