Road Biking™ Florida

A Guide to the Greatest Bike Rides in Florida

Book Description

Many have dreamed of seeing Florida at a slower pace than through the windshield of a car whizzing along the interstate, and yet few have done so. Road Biking Florida provides an exquisite tour of the Sunshine State, offering bike routes for every taste and moment. Each ride—whether along highways or quiet rural lanes, from short 25-mile rambles to 100-mile classics—has been ridden and reviewed personally by local author Rick Sapp. He highlights not only the unique features of the road but also the people, the ecology, and the history of the areas covered. The author's passion truly brings alive those halcyon rides under hammocks of oak draped with Spanish moss, past whitetail deer munching on acorns, along stretches of white sand beaches, and through wide expanses of the Everglades and swamp.

About Sapp, Rick

Rick Sapp grew up biking the steepest hill in Florida and decorating his J.C. Higgins one-speed with crepe paper streamers for elementary school bike races. Since then, he has covered the state, from Pensacola to Key West, and broadened his enthusiasm for all-things-outdoors to kayaks and canoes, fishing, hunting, hiking, sailing and bird watching.

An accomplished writer - "Writing for a living is the only thing I have ever wanted to do," he says - Rick has authored a dozen books and literally hundreds of magazine articles. As always, his subjects are travel, the outdoors, and people who are making the most of their opportunities.

Rick now lives in Gainesville, Florida.