Today I Baled Some Hay to Feed the Sheep the Coyotes Eat

Book Description

Considered perhaps the finest artist Montana has produced since Charlie Russell, sheepman Bill Stockton was also the celebrated author of this classic illustrated memoir—a wise, humorous, and sometimes shocking glimpse into what he termed “the problems of being a sheep and a few of the problems of people who care for them.” But, as one critic wrote, “This book will do more than amuse you or give you moments of enjoyment or teach you about sheep. It will teach you something about yourself.”

This new edition features a beautiful new design incorporating Stockton's illustrations—including a new cover reflecting the book's Montana ranch landscape. This book is for all Western art aficionados, residents, and visitors to Montana.

About Stockton, Bill

Bill Stockton was born in Minnesota in 1921 and grew up in central Montana. He studied art in Paris on the GI Bill and returned to Montana in the 1950s, where he raised sheep and pursued painting, sculpture, and drawing. He died at his Grass Range home in 2002.