Tax-Deductible Wedding

More Wedding And Fun, Less Fret And Debt

Book Description

The essential guide to producing a dream wedding—at tax-deductible costs.

Some 2.4 million weddings occur annually in the United States, with $29,327 being the average bill. While the numbers may vary considerably, there is one almost universal truth (regardless of how the economy is faring): pre-wedding finances look very different than post-wedding finances. Indeed, many couples go into long-term debt, turning wedding bliss can turn into marriage blues faster than a bride can throw back her bouquet.

But this needn't be the case. In The Tax-Deductible Wedding, Sabrina Rivers provides practical advice for producing a dream wedding the tax-deductible way. Most people are not aware, for example, that a wedding or reception held at a museum or national park can mean a big tax deduction. Or that they can seek sponsors (really!). Rivers not only discusses the how-tos, but also gently guides readers through the entire process—and even includes a section on tax-deductible honeymoons! Replete with tips, anecdotes, Q&A sessions, checklists, resources, and more for today's cost-conscious wedding planners, The Tax-Deductible Wedding is one resource no couple can afford to be without.

Topics include:

* What is a tax-deductible wedding?

* Finding a sponsor

* The beauty of bartering

* The eco-friendly wedding

* The tax-deductible honeymoon

* Success stories of real couples

About Rivers, Sabrina

Sabrina Rivers has worn her fair share of dreaded bridesmaid dresses and lost track years ago how many weddings she has attended. After spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on these once-in-a-lifetime events, she began to wonder how wedding expenses could be more economical. To her amusement and surprise there were many ways this could be achieved. Today, it is Rivers' mission to inform brides and grooms everywhere. When she's not finding ways to cut wedding costs, Rivers is a healthcare and marketing professional who resides in the Washington, DC, metro area.