Urban Skinny

Live The Fabulous Life--And Still Zip Up Your Favorite Jeans

Book Description

A roadmap for hip city-dwellers to lose weight and look great—without giving up their lifestyles

How can you stick to your diet in a 24-hour-a-day, high-voltage city? Many turn to one of America's most sought-after dieticians, Danielle Schupp, who has long counseled her A-list clients into their skinny jeans. Now, with Urban Skinny, she puts the same tools into the hands of anyone, anywhere, who lives a life on the go. The science behind her plan is simple: calories in, calories out. But it's the strategy that makes it happen—and that's what this book is all about.

Schupp explains how to budget calories like budgeting money, with a savings account for the occasional splurge on truffle fries or Bordeaux. With Urban Skinny, she helps readers fit their diets into their lives, not vice-versa.


Urban Myth: Fat makes you fat.
Urban Skinny: Fat, fortunately, is great. It actually helps you lose
weight because it makes meals more satisfying and keeps you full longer.
Include a little fat in every meal. A tablespoon of olive oil or a tablespoon
of peanut butter is only about 100 calories. Why eat dry toast or salad
with just vinegar if you don't have to?


Urban Skinny Rules—Learn 'em, Live 'em!

• Breakfast is NON-NEGOTIABLE. Eat it every day—no excuses.
• Order salad dressing on the side forever more. Always.
• Smaller portions make smaller people.
• Enjoy dips, hummus, or fondue—but dip, don't dunk.
• Sip, don't slug, your alcohol.
• Don't drink your calories—wouldn't you rather eat an apple than drink juice?
• If you have wine with dinner, skip the bread, rice, or other starch.
• Get friendly with nonstick spray if you happen to catch yourself cooking at
home—always use it.
• Be consistent, not perfect.
• Get your butt off the couch and exercise.

About Danielle, RD Schupp

Danielle Schupp works at the hottest fitness club in New York City with A-List clients and is one of the most sought-after registered dietitians both in New York and around the world. She counsels more than sixty clients a week in person, on the phone, and online from her office at Reebok Sports Club/NY in Manhattan. She's currently working with the club to develop a line of calorie conscious meals to be sold under the Urban Skinny banner.

Danielle appears regularly on television. Her spitfire personality and no-nonsense, straight shooting methods have thrust her into the spotlight. She's made appearances on Entertainment Tonight; she's refereed an employee weight loss challenge on Live With Regis and Kelly; and she's appeared frequently on ABC affiliates covering topics that range from understanding calorie labels to making fitness resolutions.

Her to-the-point weight management tips and insight have been featured in a variety of publications including Self, Marie Clare, Redbook and Forbes. Shape asked her to give food tips for a story on staying fit while injured. Town and Country and Modern Bride tapped into Danielle's nutritional consulting by having her tell brides how to get slim without starving themselves. ESPN Magazine called on Danielle to critique the diets of five pro-athletes including Kobe Bryant, and to make suggestions that would help them boost performance. OK! And US Weekly often have Danielle as their red carpet analyst to assess stars like Jessica Simpson and topics like fitness and pre-natal nutrition.

In her practice she counsels musicians, movie stars, athletes, Wall Street movers, and entertainment industry shakers. She's the exclusive nutrition consultant to the Miss Universe Organization. She teaches her clients to ignore the roadblocks and navigate the city's many weight-loss challenges.

Danielle has been a registered dietitian and a sports nutritionist for almost fifteen years. She loves to travel, collect antiques, and much to her husband's chagrin, she loves to buy really expensive decorative pillows. Pilates is her favorite weekend workout. Danielle earned her degree in nutritional science/dietetics from Cornell University and her dietetic internship from Columbia University. She is accredited by the American Dietetics Association and holds a Weight Management Certification. She lives in Manhattan with her candy-loving husband Michael.

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